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tinyfiction's Journal

The LJ of Telling Tiny Stories
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Loony Labs's Nanofictionary is "the card game of telling tiny stories."

Well, this is the Livejournal of telling tiny stories.

Three times a week, a new Nanofiction-style scenario will be posted here for your perusal. (The scenarios here include most of the Nanofictionary cards, along with a "prop" category.) If you can think of a story based around the items in the scenario, post a comment! You can also read the little stories that other people post--maybe they went a completely different direction from what you were thinking.


character: some geeks
problem: someone is trapped
prop: a ship in a bottle
resolution: they went back to their hum-drum lives
setting: a tropical island

Once upon a time, some geeks were shipwrecked on a tropical island with no way to get home. They survived coconuts until they were about ready to start chucking them at each others' heads. One day, a bottle floated up to the island. It was full of something rubbery-looking, and had a string coming out of it. One of the geeks pulled the string, the glass broke, and a self-inflating boat popped out of the bottle! The geeks quickly made paddles out of palm leaves and headed home. They wanted to write a book about their adventure, but no one believed them, so they just returned to their hum-drum lives.

Obviously, the 55-word rule is not enforced here--but if you think you need a chapter break, it might be better to take your story elsewhere. Also, feel free to interpret things broadly--like the "ship in the bottle."

Posting access will be open to members so new scenarios and tinyfiction can be shared, but please don't post longer stories or off-topic items. All prompts are okay, even if they're not in Nanofiction format.

Geeky stuff: This journal is updated by cron on littlegreenmen (l.armory.com), with scenarios generated by a script written by relsqui and piped to the Charm client (ljcharm). Suggestions for new characters, problems, props, resolutions, and settings are MORE than welcome! As of this writing there are 52,849,600 possible scenarios, but that's not as many as it sounds like (fewer than 100 choices per category).